July 15, 2020

Why do the cards have 52 cards?

Uncover secrets you may not know

Card games are widely known around the world. But have you ever wondered why 52 cards are issued and today will come to an answer. And learn more about cards.

Cards are made of cardboard or plastic palms. The game play is diverse, including Western and Eastern games. It is used as a magic device for fortune telling, including gambling. Examples of card games that are popular around the world, such as poker, mahjong, etc.

One card has 52 cards, and 52 cards means 52 weeks in a year. 52 cards are divided into 4 groups, 13 cards in each group and 13 cards in 1 group, which means gradually disappearing.

1 set of 13 cards consisting of A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K + The first Joker card is which indicates the number of days in the year. February will be added for a year of 29 days for a total of 366 days.

Of the total 52 cards, half of the deck will be black. Means spades and sticks. This means that the other half of the hemisphere or the dark side of the night will be red, that is, heart-shaped and diamond. This means that the hemisphere is on the bright side or day itself.

The meaning of Spades Clubs Hearts Diamonds. The four most important things in life are.

Spades = death, club = knowledge, heart = love and diamond = wealth.

As for J, Q, K cards, also known as Jack, Queen, King, the cards used by the King have the following meanings and history.

J (Jack) indicates young people, Q (Madam) indicates young women, and K (King) indicates old people.

But some sources give meaning based on different myths and beliefs.

J (Jack) refers to a knight, formerly a knight, but the same as King K, so it must be changed to Jack.

Q (Mrs.) indicates the queen, K (King) indicates the king, and some historical information the names of the king and queen and the real Jack are placed on the card. For example King Alex Sander 3 of Macedonia in the name of the Kings Club, Queen of Hearts is Queen Cleopatra’s No. 7, Spade Jack is the Gear Knight Danish These are for example.

But these various meanings are only part of the story about cards.

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