June 6, 2020

Playing Live Casino Online


The online casino industry is progressing with every passing day. The good thing is that the players love the games that are offered online. They are so well designed that you don`t lose your interest. Along with regular casino games, they are also offering live casino games option. Where you can play live with other players from around the world. It is a great feature that attracts professional as they love playing live, and it gives them the same charm that they get while playing in land-based casinos.


So if you wanted to play live casino Malaysia, while sitting in your home, you need to download the game app. For this, you will require an internet connection. Go to the official page and there they have given a free download live casino iOS link. By clicking that link, you will be able to download the app on your Apple devices. If you have an Android phone, don`t worry, you can download an APK file from the same page. Both iOS and APK files are designed by keeping in view the compatibility for their respective phone users.


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Once you have downloaded and installed the live casino app, you will then require to register your account. This is a straightforward process. You need to contact our game dealers through Whatsapp, WeChat or through our website and they will register your account after getting few details. Make sure that you ask them for live casino credit which is offered free to every user at the time of account registration. When you are done with registering your account, your game dealer will provide you with a username and password that you have to key in for your first login.


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After registering your account, you have to follow the simple instruction provided on live casino app for login. You can use the same password and username which is provided to you by the dealer for your first login. It is always advised to change the password after your first login. It is for your account safety. By changing the password, you will get complete control of your account. Don`t disclose this password to anyone else; otherwise, your account information may be compromised. You can use the live casino credit transferred to your account at the time of registration for starting your gaming experience before you put your own real money for betting.

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